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I haven't really been on here, but my life has been fairly good. Have a good job, a good man, and a good outlook on life. Trying hard to get my behind back in school and cut away all the baggage for new years. 2009 is not gonna be like 2008 and prior. I have too much to work for, and too much to accomplish. I refuse to be like other people and fail and sit on my ass and do nothing.

As far as my job, I have a good one but would like to have a better one. I have the goal of doing so before my birthday so that my sister and I can move out.

As far as my boyfriend, he's the best man I have ever had, and although we have lil minor things to work out because of his location and him being in the navy, I know it will work out. He is the realest man I have ever had, and I love him honestly with all of my heart. I have never been so happy in a relationship before, and I hope this time ...this is the last relationship I will ever have to be in. I hope one day we can have children, get married, and live life because we are similar in a lot of ways. We both deserve the best, and nothing but it. I've never felt so happy and I hope that it never has to end.

My new years resolution is to: Put myself first and to make the best out of my situation and be thankful for my blessings as well as my curses. I know God has much more for me and I feel like I need to gain all of his benefits that he has for my life!
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