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Image hosted by Photobucket.comi feel like categorizing people. so here we go.

people i don't take very seriously:
so homegirl says she gonna hit you in your mouth when you see her, you bump into her, and the bitch says "sorry"...what the fck, you ran into HER (don't take her seriously..please don't).

homegirl says she gonna bring her ass to your house to fight right? ...so you bold enough to drive to her house, and you hear her in the background tellin her peeps to tell you that she ain't home (please, don't take her seriously).

homeboy says he gonna pick you up and take you out to eat, you ask him where yal going, he says McDonalds *blank stare*...he's too broke for you, let alone prolly for gas.. (please. don't EVER take him serious).

your friends ask you where you wanna go...yet they ask YOU for gas, when you ain't even ask them to go anywhere, (um...get new friends, and NEVER take them serious...).

homeboy, says he misses you, and then tells you to call him right back, as if you don't realize he got a nextel, and he OBVIOUSLY don't miss you enough to use some of his 300 minutes his cheap ass is workin wit.

homeboy/homegirl, anyone...says they can dance, but yet they knee, ankle, head, hair (yes, i said hair..) suddenly hurts... (please don't take them to a dancing audition with you...) same with singing...you'll have your cats singing along with em...on the real.

your friend, claims they smoke, yet they don't kno how to use a lighter... *ummm*...you smoke REGULARLY...? (they'd prolly be the one to holla some, "I SMOKE NEWPORT 400'S!!" lol..

your mom wants to hang with your type of music, she holla some, "AKON AND YOUNG JESUSSSSSSS!!" --- (that's actually what my mom did when i was driving this morning" *shakes head*

your peeps, holla they a blood, but they fckin best friends with a crip... (are you SERIOUS)...they cripwalk and blood hop together, PLEASE catch they asses on video cam, and send it to america's funniest home videos, and DON'T take them serious.

homegirl, holla she from new york, you ask her where, "OH YOU KNO, SOMEWHERE IN MANHATTAN" ...SHE'S lying, tell her to shut the fck up, and stay where she at...

these are the examples of fakeness, i thought it should be addressed. more coming later.
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