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Rest in Peace Michael Jackson

I am very saddened by the fact that he died yesterday at only the age of 50. Overall, I am very upset because he died being laughed at, not recognized for his accomplishments. Hearing of his fears of being laughed at and his insecurities, that hurts me. The man was going to come back and do a tour, make up dances and all types of stuff and then he dies. I believe this be a sign to the world, that the media is the devil, people are heartless and cruel, and that despite a person's issues their talent and their heart still remains the same. We all have flaws, which is why we are human, and not perfect... I didn't cry or anything, but I am a serious fan of music, so to be a true fan of music, I have to state what a big loss him dying is. He is and always will be the best entertainer of all time. Looking at his music, his videos, his performances, his vocal abilities, and his strength...he is the American Dream of Music. My prayers go out to him and his family and to his TRUE fans. I dislike when people join the bandwagon when someone dies, I feel you should've given him his flowers while he was breathing. RIP Michael Jackson (1958-2009)
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