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i'm so much deeper than i appear to be.
there's so much more than meets the eye.
there's so much that i kno should die in my life.
but yet i give a breath again, and allow it to stay alive.
yeah, the feelings i got for him,
according to others & even me @ times should've died,
but somehow, i donno wha i am, if i let it die.
it's fucked up how i'm lost and confused,
it's fucked up how i feel used.
it's fucked up how he's like a drug,
one second i'm high in heaven,
and the next i feel abused...
if love is this way,
i want it AND hate it.
if love is this way,
i'll leave it AND take it.
how can i blame his ass for taking advantage,
when i'm the one who put myself on this payment,
a payment of love, hurt, and pain..
a payment of shit, i want ..
but at the same time, wish i'd never have again.
he fucks me up, like a bottle of vodka,
i drink and drink, and at the same time, tell him to stop.
i'm backwards as shit, i don't kno what i want,
i kno i want him beside me,
i want him to stop runnin...

if i'm beautiful to you,
you say i'm what you want?

(yal like how that sentimental poem, had such a HORRIFIC UNSETTLING ENDING don't yal?!) -- i'm half sleep & drugged up off of medicine...don't mind me.

and yes, i kno this is NOT private. :)
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