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i'm not happy. i'm just... not happy. and for some reason, the things that normally make me happy, don't. somehow, i saw this coming. it's just another rainy day period, where i just place the sheet over my head and hope to sleep it away. then reality hits me, that's not possible... my boyfriend has tried everything in the book to make me happy, he's definitely been there for me, my sister ( neesaneesa ) has too, thank you sis <3. but somehow, only i can get myself out of this, and right now, it's been a never ending battle of unfortanate events, day after day, something bad happens, you kno how you think something can't get any worse? well my life does, each day, slowly get worse. i wish i could have a fckin normal life, but then again, i wish i was legal, and i'm not, so there you have it. fck wishing, i wish i could just make shit happen, unfortanately, that's not in my power...
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